Rubik Music School
Domaniewska 41, Warsaw
Ochota I
Usypiskowa 14, Warsaw
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"We make sure that our children have the right environment to develop. We create a new dimension of education."
Piotr Rubik
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What makes us stand out?


Gordonki, fairy tale music lessons, music and art projects and a choir.


Daily language classes are filled with creative activities.


Healthy nutrition for children


Concerts and music workshop with Piotr Rubik.

At Rubik Music School, we only employ people who love children, have their own passions and are able to share them. All classes are conducted with the use of activating methods, according to the principle expressed by Confucius: tell me and I will forget; show me and I will remember; let me do and i will understand.

Polish and English-speaking teachers work together in our kindergartens. Throughout the day, children are surrounded by two languages, not only when conducting classes or workshops.


Music is an inseparable element of every day spent at the Rubik Music School Kindergarten, in addition to playing and learning. As part of the tuition fee, we carry out a number of classes according to an original idea. These activities will help children shape their interests and allow them to develop their individual talents.

The eating habits formed in childhood remain for life. That is why we place particular emphasis on the type of meals served, their quality and the manner of serving. From the toddler, we teach our pupils the culture of proper eating.


Piotr Rubik is one of the most famous Polish contemporary composers, as well as a renowned musician, conductor and music producer. He is also the father of two young girls, who have been brought up in a house full of music, enjoying the notes, dancing and singing. Piotr Rubik has achieved a lot of success because his parents very early noticed his talent and sent him to a music school where this natural talent could develop. There he met good teachers who changed his life by showing that music is one of life’s great joys.

His passion, love for music, and the irresistible desire to share his knowledge made him create this exceptional kindergarten. In Rubik Music School a special emphasis is put on individualism, a desire to learn, discovery and creativity, which are so natural for every child.

We give children the opportunity to express themselves freely.
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Music lessons

Vocal classes

By practicing your vocals at Rubik Music School, you not only have a chance to be a better singer, you also have a chance to be noticed!

Learning to play the drums

Instruments classes are individual lessons under the supervision of excellent teachers, musicians cooperating with Piotr Rubik

Learning to play the piano

The sound of the piano is "ready", its purity does not depend on the student's skills, which helps in shaping the musical ear.

Learning to play the violin

By attending our classes, you will learn the theory and practice of popular and classical music, diverse music literature at a level tailored to your individual abilities


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