Special Educational Needs Integration Domaniewska 41

Rubik Music School, MOKOTÓW

Special Educational Needs Integration Domaniewska 41 Warsaw


e-mail: domaniewska@rubikschool.pl
call : 607 909 999

The Rubik Music School kindergarten located in Mokotów is located on the ground floor of the SATURN building in the EMPARK business complex. The kindergarten has four over 50 meters educational rooms adapted to the age of each group. Each room is arranged in a division into a workshop space and a play space. The corners of interests are richly equipped with teaching aids and wooden toys. In addition, there is a separate dining room in the kindergarten, two independent changing rooms / older groups and younger groups / and a modern, large playground located directly next to the RMS premises. 


  • English

    Polish and English-speaking teachers work together in our kindergartens. Throughout the day, children are surrounded by two languages, not only when conducting classes or workshops.

  • Spanish

    Spanish in the Rubik Music School program for the 2021/22 school year

  • Music lessons

    Original music program. Highly qualified teaching staff

  • Activities

    In our kindergarten, we provide children with optimal development conditions.

  • Natural cuisine

    Healthy nutrition for children means not only wholesome, tasty meals, but also the daily development of their culinary preferences and diversity.

  • Workshops

    Joint family musical meetings, such as karaoke or carolling

  • Concerts

    Concerts and music workshops organized by Piotr Rubik





Monday – Friday 7:30-17:30


SEN Integration

What we offer to the children with a special educational needs certificate:

· social development in a peer group,
· psychological therapy,
· speech therapy,
· group therapy,
· individual therapy,
· social skills training SST,
· sensory integration therapy,
· music therapy,
· wind-down activities,
· relaxing activities,
· concentration-enhancing activities,
· storytelling therapy,
· socialization of the child in the facility.

Thanks to integration children are able to:

· learn to function and have fun together,
· learn to be sensitive to the needs of others,
· share their emotional and cognitive resources,
· learn to respect and understand the difficulties of their friends,
· learn to accept their own difficulties,
· learn to enjoy the successes of others and share their own,
· learn to deal with emotions,
· learn to see diversity as a value.

Our Kindergarten employs qualified teachers and specialists who are passionate people sensitive to the needs of the children. We offer professional consultations, advice for parents and regular meetings with specialist teams.

What kind of specialists work in our team:

· psychologist,
· special educator,
· speech therapist,
· neurologopedist,
· sensory integration therapist,
· social skills training therapist SST,
· physiotherapist,
· oligophrenopedagogue/special educational needs teacher