Why us?



Our kindergarten is perfect for fun and learning. There are spacious classrooms, a well-equipped music room and a theater scene. We also own a modern and professionally equipped playground.

The Rubik Music School employs only people who love children, have their own passions, and are able to share them. We teach in accordance with the principle expressed by Confucius: I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. Therefore, we use various activating teaching methods to motivate and engage our pupils as well as improve their learning outcomes.

Physical activity is natural and extremely important for preschool children. Children have a lot of energy which, if properly oriented, can be the driving force of great achievements. Our pupils have optimal conditions for development, and at the same time have the ability to express themselves freely, so that each child maintains its individuality and uniqueness.


We are carrying out the basis of MEN (Ministry of National Education), in addition we provide also an extended educational program which consists of elements such as: Alternative methods and techniques of didactic teaching.

  • Reading syllable
  • “Glottodidactics. Learning to read and write.” by prof. B. Rocławski
  • “Graphic exercises developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination.” by H. Tymichova
  • “Good Start Method” – M Bogdanowicz
  • KLANZA’s – “Childhood Education through play”
  • „Drama, relaxation techniques”
  • „Therapeutic stories and tales” by M. Molicka
  • “Developmental Movement Method” by W. Sherbourn’e
  • “The Orff Approach to Music Education” by Karl Orff
  • “Active Listening to Music Method” by B.Strauss
  • “Musical Education Method” by E. E. Gordon
Our kindergarten is also an excellent choice for parents who are planning to enroll their children in private schools.
Individual classes with a speech therapist
Singing and voice emission lessons
Spacious rooms with music equipment
Experienced and highly qualified staff

Rubik Music School is a very good kindergarten. We implement the national curriculum imposed by the Ministry of Education and the expanded curriculum.

All classes are conducted in the form of workshops or experimental activities, based on the natural activity and curiosity of children. We are able to reach our educational goals through small learning groups and excellent care from teachers.

All pupils who need special assistance are provided with the support and professional help of a psychologist and speech therapist. Our experts are also available for parents, both during individual meetings and thematic workshops.

Our kindergarten is also an excellent choice for parents who are planning to enroll their children in private schools. As part of the tuition fee we help to prepare our pupils for preliminary talks for the best primary schools in Warsaw.