About our kindergarten

Rubik Music School


We are the first non-public kindergarden in Warsaw which put emphasis on social-emotional development of children through its rich musical class program within the framework of early children’s development. Musical and artistic projects, composing projects like also eurhythmics classes definitely have influence on higher self-consiousness of children. Our attendants have excellent skills within musical nomenclature but also have a perfect knowledge of musical notes through educational methods of Lidia Bajkowska. In addition, our teachers realize The Ministry of Education program based on specially prepared scenarios that help to arouse imagination, like also interests and curiosity in art. Our institution is bilingual which allow us to create great adaptation environment for foreign children who are not yet speaking Polish fluently. Furthermore, our methods of education help them with learning casual vocabulary of English and Polish. Our pupils have opportunity to learn how to play on various instruments during the individual classes organized in between educational class in the program. Everyday schedule is focused on physical, educational, musical and language classes. We apply various technics and methods that cultivate motoric skills of children in our private institution. That system is an excellent idea for the education at the highest possible level in form of constant entertainment for children. Non-public kindergardens – Rubik Music School are localized in Warsaw (Mokotów and Ochota district) and they includes necessary parking lot for parents like also safe playgrounds for all the attendants.

Adaptation classes at Rubik Music School

We would like to invite all children aged between 2,5 and 4 years to participate in classes aimed at introducing them to the world of education. The adaptation process in our kindergarten is always tailored to the needs of the child.

Optimal adaptation process:
DAY 1: A child comes at the appointed hour and together with his/her parent takes part in one-hour classes.
DAY 2: We try to repeat the scheme of the previous day without the participation of the parent
DAY 3: We repeat the second day extending the stay of a child in the classroom to maximum 3 hours
In the first phase of adaptation, the kindergarten teacher prepares an individual adaptation scheme for every child. Parents receive full support from our staff in order to make this difficult process stress-free for both children and parents.
During the classes, children have an opportunity to participate in various music games and English lessons. Pupils learn about kindergarten, team work, and self-reliance in the atmosphere full of joy and smiles.

Our activities have been prepared by professionals to support different areas of child development, such as development of speech, motor skills, motor coordination and intellectual skills.

Children participating in classes, have the opportunity to develop their skills and interests.

All interested please send your applications to the principal giving the name and age of the child.

English language

English language classes offered by Rubik Music School are full of creative activities that make our pupils decode English.

Our Polish and English teachers work together in our kindergartens. Children are surrounded by two languages throughout the day, not only during classes or workshops.

The method of decoding the language
Each language has its own unique language code. This is a kind of mathematical equation that needs to be solved in order to be fluent in a particular language.

The method of decoding the language completes the normal development of speech and helps our pupils to properly acquire and then use English.
And all this is presented in an attractive form of fun accompanied by lots of songs and games. Therefore, it is not just a mere familiarity with a foreign language, or picking up a few words or songs in English, but o ur classes form a solid foundations for the future usage of English.

Global reading method in English (using the RUN method – Repeat Understood Name)
An important element of the method of decoding the language is to early start  learning to read in English. Language is then formed in a mind of child from the read to the spoken word – the word initially read by a child is an inspiration for independent utterances used in communication. Global reading method is an imitation of the stages of acquiring speech: repeating (repeat), understanding (understood) and naming (name), which are components of independent reading.

Thanks to early learning to read in English our pupil will:
– avoid errors in spelling words in English
– learn reading comprehension
– develop dlanguage, and thus broaden  his/her intellectual potential
– feel success an belief in his/her own abilities
– be very well prepared for school

As a part of the tuition fee we also conduct workshops entirely taught in English:

  • What a wonderful World – an extraordinary journey around the world, a meeting with the world of nature, and animals characteristic for different climate zones. During classes pupils learn about the arts and various cultures, even from the most remote corners of the world. The program is implemented in the form of workshops and laboratory classes when children do experiments. Classes are conducted only in English.
  • Cooking the Music – cooking workshops for anyone who wants to try the taste of music. During classes pupils cook various dishes using a vast range of ingredients and spices from all over the world. They create new original recipes inspired by diverse music. Workshops are based on the original program and are accompanied by interesting music. Children learn about exotic and traditional flavors, and at the end of each class can assess the results of their work, as well as treat their parents. Classes are conducted only in English


In our kindergarten we do not want to discourage children by entering them right away in the traditional modes of artistic training. We want to show your children the opportunities offered by the combination of music and great teachers, which are likely to bring benefits experienced by Piotr Rubik. We want to give them the background that makes them love arts, and always perceive them as unique, interesting and joyful. We believe that it is always worth trying, because you never know what talents your children have. It will be a great loss if your child’s natural talents are not discovered and properly developed. Thanks to our kindergarten, it may turn out that your child has an outstanding talent, and in the future can become a famous composer, singer, or musician. Even if as an adult your child chooses a different career path, he or she will be always keen on beauty and various kinds of art.

Music is an inherent element of all our classes, activities and games. As part of the tuition fee we offer a number of classes based on original ideas, which help discover and develop pupils’ talents and interests:

Classes based on the original program by Piotr Rubik Little Orchestra and Little Comporsers. They implement elements of traditional playground rhythmic, methods of active listening to music by Batti Strauss and The Orff Approach. Pupils have the unique opportunities to play instruments from around the world. The primary goal of the classes is to develop a sense of rhythm, and musical sensitivity, and to show them how music can describe, and even create the world. 

Daily music classes are adapted to the age of the children, we realize accordingly: E.E. Gordon classes (so called “Gordonki”), fairy music lessons, musical and artistic projects and the choir.


Who wouldn’t like to live in the Kingdom of Music for a while to feel like beautiful Queen Gama or King Passage? Who wouldn’t like to use a musical time machine to travel to the world of little Mozart or Chopin? All children love fairy tales. When learning music becomes one of them, it arouses passion among all little children …. Through the personification of the seven musical notes your child will rapidly learn the letters of music. Your child will play simple songs and compose their own pieces of music. In Rubik Music School your little Mozart will meet many fairy-tale characters, e.g.  Song – a girl from the Forest of Music, a merry cluster of Notes, professors Violin and Bass, a century-old Granny Keyboard, a fairy called Pause from the Valley of Silence and many more. Together with Note Celinka, Baba Yaga and wizard Chord pupils will travel through the magical world of sounds, where the power of music is limitless.

Lidia Bajkowska’s Method is one of the most effective and fastest musical education systems in the European Union, because it stimulates the imagination of children, their enthusiasm for further learning, and the desire for individual development. This method has been successfully used by numerous teachers in music, primary and nursery schools across Europe. Since September 2014 Lidia Bajkowska’s Method will be included in the certification program, and Rubik Music School is one of the first certified schools in Poland. This guarantees that in our kindergarten Lidia Bajkowska’s Method  will be implemented  in the most effective and advantageous way. Most importantly, the author of this method- Lidia Bajkowska, PhD will be a guest teacher in Rubik Music School and will conduct her classes throughout the school year!

Healthy habits

We know that eating habits formed in childhood remain for the rest of our life. This is why we place particular emphasis on both the type and quality of food we serve, as well as the way of serving and eating it. Preschool children often have nutritional problems arising from high sugar and salt intake, as well as the lack of time to eat a healthy meal. Our kindergarten meal time is a special time. Children help in the preparations, lay the table, and can choose their favourite dishes. Children prepare for meals by washing their hands and sitting down together.

Children are not forced to eat, but there is a rule of thumb to celebrate the meal together, which encourages them to stay at the table until they are all finished. Pupils dine in a separate dining room where children are not distracted by toys and decorations. Children eat on their own, learn to use cutlery, and get to know the basic rules of good manners. In such an atmosphere, without stress and hurry, even the reluctant eaters are keen on meals.

Natural meals

Rational nutrition is particularly important for children. It affects not only their health, well-being, adequate growth and development, but it also shapes tastes and food preferences of our children. Our offer is dedicated to children and parents who pay special attention to the menu. Healthy nourishment is not only about nutritious, tasty meals, but also the everyday development of their culinary tastes and diversity.

RMS cooperates with the catering company, thanks to which we provide a fully professionally composed menu prepared in cooperation with the Nutrition Technologist and Mrs. Dietician, guided by the individual needs of each “Little Customer”.

We create meals for children based on many years of cooperation with suppliers of various goods, the quality and authenticity of origin is checked by us and fully satisfactory:

»We gave up all spices containing harmful monosodium glutamate.

»We pay great attention to the quality of meat and eggs. We only use certified free range eggs and chickens.

»Due to the high content of purines acidifying the body, we gave up cooking soups using meat stock.

»Our soups are cooked only with decoctions of vegetables and herbs with the addition of clarified butter or rapeseed oil.

»Products from which we create a children’s menu do not contain synthetic glucose-fructose syrup, which contributes to obesity and the development of diabetes in children.

»We use small amounts of sugar for sweetening, or only unrefined cane sugar in the ecomain;

»As far as technologically possible, we use unrefined, wholesome cereal products to prepare our dishes. The use of this type of product fully meets the needs of children for fiber, vitamins, macro- and microelements.

»We try to” smuggle “the less popular products such as spinach or Brussels sprouts to children in an acceptable way, serving for example spinach dumplings, pasta casserole with spinach;

»In our kitchen we only use good fats, mostly clarified butter, olive oil, rapeseed oil.

»We do not use any synthetic margarines for baking;

»We attach great importance to choosing products without artificial colors, improvers and preservatives;

»Whenever possible, we use regional and seasonal products (eg seasonal fruit and vegetables) to prepare meals;

»Meals prepared by us provide children with all the necessary nutrients and are tasty and accepted by children at the same time.

»We have created a program with culinary demonstrations for children.

Immune system

Preschool children who attend kindergartens are extremely prone to catch various diseases and infections. This is because their immune systems are not yet prepared to be exposed to more frequent contact with germs. We took some steps to deal with this problem.

Firstly, we limit the possibility of spreading diseases through:

– small learning groups

– spacious and airy classrooms

– mechanical ventilation providing continuous exchange of air with a capacity exceeding the requirements of the Health Department

– use of special Milton cleaning substances, which are safe for children, odorless, and not sensitizing

– denial of  access to kindergarten for children with a runny nose,  a cough, etc.

– promotion of  children’s hygiene and the habit of frequently washing hands

– regular ozonation of the kindergarten, washing carpets and exposing them to UV lamps

Secondly, we conduct a special program for strengthening pupils’ immune systems through:

– proper selection of quality food and drinks

– daily walks and tours in clothes appropriately matched to the weather

– daily games and sports in the classrooms and on the playground

– opportunities of participation in additional sports classes


Rubik Music School is an institution that meets European standards of safety for school and kindergartens. Access to our building is limited. Classrooms are monitored, the camera videos are recorded and archived for the needs of the management. In our facilities we put special emphasis on children and also their parents. Pedagogical documentation and personal data are in a state that ensures their safety. On our website we use and post pictures of our pupils after obtaining parental consent.

Only adults with written authorization, having an identity document can pick the children from the kindergarten.

Our kindergarten on Mokotów has own parking spaces in front of the building. Entry to the complex is possible only after showing the ID, which will be given to you after signing the contract.